Assessments serve a very different function from the therapy services that I offer. Typically, a client will want an assessment if they would like feedback about how to deal with one specific issue. I will meet with the client, usually twice over a two-week period to discuss the issue. I often use some psychological tests as part of my assessments to get a better sense of how the subject of the assessment engages in particular tasks.

Part of assessments involves a written report with recommendations on steps that the subject and the requesting party of the assessment might take for their situation. Assessments usually start with very specific questions and the report tries to answer those questions.

For example, a person might request an assessment for themselves because they feel that they are overreacting to particular situations with their friends. I would help the client to figure out exactly which situations cause the reactions and develop a clearer sense of when such reactions actually occur. Then, I would develop some theories about the client's personal style that might contribute to their reactions. Finally, I would provide some recommendations based on my experience with the client that would help to reduce their reactions.

Sometimes, people request assessments of others. For example, an employer might request an assessment of a worker based on difficulties in the work environment or questions about appropriate job placements.

Through all assessment work, I view it as my job to see the subject of the assessment as clearly as possible and to describe that person in a way that helps to make sense of their personal approaches and to help them to see the benefits and drawbacks of the way they happen to interact with the world.

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