My fees vary by what work we do and who you are. I try to keep my fees affordable and want to serve you regardless of your financial situation. If you want to discuss a different fee structure, please mention it to me during your first session.

Because the success of therapy requires that we have a good match with each other, I like to use the first session as a way to let you evaluate me as a therapist. To accommodate this evaluation--and to allow you to talk with other therapists--I charge only half of my fee ($75) for the first session. This fee reduction does not apply if you are using insurance to pay for your treatment, but I am willing to meet briefly with you before working together if you would like to ask me some questions prior to working together.

Individual therapy and couples counseling. As of August 1, 2017, I will charge new clients $150.00 for a 50-minute session. I offer a sliding scale based on your income. I request that you pay me, by check, credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, bitcoins or cash, at the beginning of each session. I can also arrange to receive payments via Paypal. I charge in full for any session not cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled start time. After a couple months of regular payment, I will consider accepting payment for a set of sessions (usually four) to reduce the time we spend doing transactions.

For group therapy, I charge a fee of $45.00 per group member for a 90-minute group session. If the group grows to larger than 8 members, I will lower the fee to $30.00 per person.

The fee for assessments varies. In general, I charge $125.00 per hour for the time that I spend conducting and writing the assessment report. Most standard individual assessments include two hours of meetings and about two hours to write up a report. For the complete package, I charge $500.00, and I will tell you if your assessment will not fall into this standard pricing.

Insurance information. I am currently on the insurance panel for First Choice Health Network, Kaiser Permanente (Access PPO only), Premera Blue Cross and Regence Blue Shield. I can bill your insurance company directly for our sessions (even if I am not in network, I can submit claims on your behalf). Please note that for new insurance clients, I will need to use our first session to collect diagnostic information. For other insurance carriers, you may try to get reimbursement for our sessions. I will provide you with monthly receipts that you may submit to your insurance provider. I still expect full payment for my fees at the time of service. I recommend checking with your insurance company to find out how they reimburse services from providers who are not in their network.

You may request more information or to set up an initial session, call me at my office.