Group Therapy

Improving how we interrelate with other people has practical implications for most aspects of our life. We interact with people at work and at home and everywhere in between.

Group therapy provides an environment where you can safely interact with other people and develop insights and understandings about the ways that you engage with others. In my groups, we spend a lot of time focused on the process that occurs in the interaction of the group members. This awareness of process--and by process, I mean the way that the group members interact as opposed to the content, which involves the topic of conversation--reaps huge rewards in helping us to better understand ourselves and others.

Some groups last for a fixed amount of time, with all group members starting on the same day and staying for 10 sessions together. Other groups are ongoing, with members who stay for varied amounts of time and with new people who join as others depart. Both group formats have their advantages. If you have interest in joining an existing group, you will need to meet with me for a screening interview to assess appropriate fit with existing group members. If you seem like a good fit for group therapy, I can add you to my group waiting list.

You may request more information or to set up an initial session, call me at my office.