Individual Therapy

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Are things not feeling quite right in you life right now? Are you ready to try to make some changes to improve your situation? Individual therapy might be right for you.

Are you feeling depressed or do you worry a lot?
Are you having difficulty developing meaningful relationships with friends or significant others?
Do you feel stuck in a pattern that feels unproductive?
Do you feel like you cannot be honest about who you are?
Do you feel like you struggle with how to interact with your spouse, your parents, other family members or co-workers?
Do you question your sense of purpose in life? Do you crave a sense of meaning?

If you come to me for individual therapy, I will most likely set up a regular time to see you every week for a 50-minute therapy session. In each session, you would come to me with an update about how you had spent the past week and with some thoughts about some of the issues that are on your mind. I will help you to focus on the important parts of those issues. I'll ask you some questions about your experiences. Together we will make connections that will gradually shed light on why you live your life in the way that you do. I talk a little more about how I do this in my views on therapy.

I will also encourage you to talk about experiences from your past. You might remember experiences, both positive and negative, that you have not revisited for many years. Talking about those experiences--sometimes without any clear connection to the current events in your life--often yields the most interesting information in our work together. You will find that your mind very naturally pulls up experiences that have a relevance to our work, so I will encourage you to tell me about memories that come to your mind so that we can find parallels and connections to your current issues. Through this process, you will be able to make new connections that allow you to see your current situation in a more complete and more useful way.

I work with individuals with a wide variety of issues. Feelings of depression and worthlessness. Control and anxiety issues. Repetitive behaviors (like internet addiction, pornography addiction). Romantic relationship issues (finding one and keeping one). Sexual issues (wanting too much or too little). Maintaining relationships with your parents and siblings or children.

You might wonder how long I would expect therapy to last. We will make this decision once I better understand your circumstances. If you face an imminent decision, maybe you will come to see me for five sessions. If you want to work on something basic to who you are, we might work together for a couple months or even a couple years. Signficant changes in who you are can take a long time and a lot of work.

You may request more information or to set up an initial session, call me at my office.

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