Who I Am

I am a therapist in Seattle, in practice since 2002. As part of your getting to know me, let me share some information with you about my background and training.

I started my work in the field of psychology in 1999, but my interests in the field started quite a bit earlier. Prior to making the decision to become a therapist, I spent over ten years working in the high tech field designing and building software products. As much as I loved the pace and innovation of the field, I continually found myself drawn to helping coworkers in their personal and professional growth. I also loved working through the complex and often challenging interpersonal dynamics of the very intelligent and analytic people with whom I worked. I felt that I could make a very direct difference in people's lives by listening to their issues and responding thoughtfully to their concerns.

Over time, I decided that I wanted to make my work with people a more central part of my day-to-day life, leading me to become a therapist. Yet my prior career experiences will probably serve you well. Like you, I have worked in an office setting. I've wrestled with the issues that come up with working relationships with co-workers and managers, balance of work and home, career planning. I may have a perspective different from other therapists whose only professional experience is in counseling itself.

I also attribute my choice to become a therapist to my own positive experiences as a patient of therapy. Over the years, I have worked with a number of therapists and couples counselors. I have grown tremendously through my own counseling experiences. In fact, therapy gave me the courage to make my own transition from high-tech manager to therapist and to work through the challenges of intimacy in long term relationships. Based on these experiences, I have high confidence in the incredible growth and change that personal work in therapy can facilitate. These experiences motivate me to help you to make your goals a reality as well.

As for my education, I have received my training in Psychology from Seattle University, where I earned a Masters Degree. While there, my coursework included material in the areas of psychology, psychopathology, therapeutic interactions, as well as extensive work in philosophy and the study of existential issues. I have also taken coursework in psychology at the University of Washington, where I worked for a year doing psychological research. I earned my undergraduate degree (B.A.) from Harvard University.

To get a better sense of the type of work that I do, I hope that you will explore the articles that I have written for this site. I encourage you to read my suggestions on choosing a therapist and more detail about my views on therapy. You should also check out specific information on the services that I provide: individual and couples counseling, as well as facilitating therapy groups.

You may request more information online, or to set up an initial session, call me at my office.